Ministry Nights


Ministry Nights Q & A

Why are you doing this?
Dr. Hull and Altrua HealthShare want you to know how much we appreciate you and your staff and for all that you have done through the pandemic in service to the Kingdom. 

What is Altrua Ministries? I’ve never heard of them.
Altrua Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization based in Austin, Texas.

Who is Dr. Hull? Why is he doing this?
Dr. Hull is the Director of Altura Ministries, as well as a Pastor to his local community and preaches the Lord’s Word across the globe in Ministry events online and in person.

Can children attend concert?
Yes, children can attend.

Is there a sales pitch and what is it?

No, there is no sales pitch. We do have a special guest, Jim Hardway with Altrua HealthShare, an event sponsor, who does a very brief presentation about HealthShare but you are not required to purchase anything from this event. Our Ministry Night is 100% free to our guests.

I’m not interested in a HealthShare but really want to go to the concert. Can I still get the tickets?
Yes, the tickets are a gift from us to you.

What is Altrua HealthShare? Do we have to buy something?
Altrua HealthShare is a health care sharing ministry that facilitates member-to-member sharing.  All Members’ monthly contributions are deposited into an Escrow Account from which all eligible medical needs are shared on a member-to-member basis.

Is this free?
This is a 100% free event.

Is this being filmed?

Yes, Dr. Hull will be having our Ministry Night events filmed by a film crew in each city. By attending our Ministry Night events, you do give permission to be photographed, filmed, and audio recorded with the understanding that the photos and videos may be used for Dr. Hull’s television production Healing for Your Life. You can check out Healing for Your Life here Healing For Your Life | Dr. Kevin Hull (