Knowing Jesus

I have talked with countless folks who have all said the same thing to me in one way or another. “My hurt is so great, I’ve tried filling it with other things and that hole still seems to be there. No matter how hard I try, it just still hurts.” Or I’ve heard from others that they have searched out other religions or forms of ‘gods’ and have not had fulfillment in that area.

What I want to tell you is the God places within us the ‘curiosity of faith’ as I would call it, whereby we are natural creatures curious about faith. That’s one of the reasons each of us try to fulfill that curiosity by many different areas of our life.

They did it in Jesus’ time as well. Was He the Messiah? They would go and listen and try to make a determination, Moses being fascinated by a burning bush. The Biblical examples go on and on. And what about you? Have you found yourself curious? But, you couldn’t fulfill that curiosity by earthly things or other gods? The reason for that lack of fulfillment is very simple. You need Jesus.
Watch as Dr. Kevin talks more about that in this video.

Here are the facts. A relationship with Jesus today is not going to cause the sea to separate, all of your problems to disappear or make life to become like living on a cloud. Yet, here is what it does do.

It gives you a way out.

A way out of your situation, a way out of your circumstance and and a way that can help you overcome any situation that you are involved in. ANY SITUATION, I emphasize that because I want you to understand the simplicity of that statement. God is in love with you so much that He wants to help you be successful in every way of your life from your finances, to your relationships, to your career, whatever it may be, He wants to be right in the middle of it all.

So, what’s next?

What’s next is really very simple. Begin a relationship with Christ through praying a prayer of accepting Him as your Lord and Savior. Then, begin to pray. You say, “I don’t know how to pray.” I get that, I’ve been there, but really, it’s very simple. You simply talk to God like you are speaking to your best friend. I always say, just leave out the foul language 🙂
Talk to Him about what? About everything. When you do, it involves Him in everything. Think of it this way, you’ve got a best friend who knows you right on this earth? They know everything about you, the way you think, act, for some of you, they can even complete your sentences. Same thing here. God knows you better than that. So, just talk to Him. Ask Him how to solve your problems and He will provide an answer.


The great thing about God is that He will always answer. He may not answer the way you want or how you think He should answer, but He always will. So, just like the picture above, take the time to write your prayer questions to Him and then be sure to write down His responses. Oh and be sure that you follow through with doing what He asks you to do, it’ll make life a lot easier.



How’s that for comfort? He already knows everything there is to know, after all the Bible says in Jeremiah 33 that He created you, He formed you in His image, so you are good to go, with speaking to Him about everything. And don’t be ashamed about anything, He has you in the palm of His hand and loves you regardless of anything we might have done….even to Him. Just love Him, because He did in fact, first love you!


What’s next is simple, begin your relationship with Him. If you haven’t, simply pray this prayer to accept Jesus into your heart.

“Dear Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and today, I ask you Jesus to become Lord of my life. I believe that you came and was born of a virgin named Mary and that you walked on this earth. Jesus, I believe that you suffered once for all mankind and that you hung on a cross for my health in my body and for my sins to be forgiven. I receive your forgiveness today, because I believe that you rose from the grave and sit at the right Hand of God today. Jesus, write my name in your Lamb’s Book of LIfe and accept me when I die in Jesus Name. Amen and Amen.”

Friend, if you just prayed that prayer, congratulations, you have just become a member of the Kingdom of God and into God’s family! May I be the first to welcome you into His family!

What I would ask you to do, is grab a Bible and read a chapter a day in the book of John! It’s in the New Testament, fourth book to the right, it goes, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Start there as it will give you a firm foundation.

Next, pray daily, like what I wrote about and believe God is there for you. Remember, your sins are forgiven and He remembers them NO MORE!!!!! Isn’t that awesome!

Finally, please fill out the form below. Someone from my office, me most likely, will contact you, meet with you and help you in your next steps. God bless you, we love you and are so very proud of you. Again, welcome and we’ll talk soon!