Dr. Kevin Hull

Dr. Kevin Hull preached his first message when he was just 9 years old. With a career in ministry spanning more than 25 years, he has served in a multitude of positions from Associate to Senior Pastor. Even launching his own, Covenant Life Church where he pastored for over ten years prior to starting work with a national evangelist. He has overseen the work of 3 different church plants through his full-time ministry career. He took a departure from ministry during a transitional time in his professional and family life which led him to working for a national funeral home corporation assisting in the oversight of 10+ funeral home locations. One of the funerals Dr. Hull managed was for the wife of someone who is now a dear friend of Dr. Hull’s, and the CEO of Altrua Healthshare.


Through God’s perfect timing and plan, Dr. Hull has been working as the Director of Ministries and Philanthropy for Altrua Ministries, a non-profit organization that functions as part of Altrua Healthshare, since 2018. As part of his position with Altrua Ministries, Dr. Hull serves as the pastor to the Membership of Altrua HealthShare, oversees charitable donations, and produces weekly devotional videos to help spread the Good Word to over 144,000 every week.

As his ministry and God’s calling has grown, he has dedicated himself to working with other pastors, preaching the Lord’s Word and helping other men and women in ministry learn to lead their congregations in a way that balances their family and home life. He feels passionately about taking his experiences and mentoring church leaders on the pitfalls of ministry, preaching to them on ways to share the Word of God and evangelize while still being attentive to their family and caring for their personal life. Dr. Hull would say that two of his passions is mentoring the five-fold minister’s and preaching and teaching in churches, across the nation, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in ways only He can.


Dr. Hull earned two Doctorate degrees in Theology and Counseling from Life Christian University. He’s written two books, Married for Life: Overcoming the Trials and Tribulations That a Lifetime Can Bring Together and Gaining Deeper Levels of the Anointing: God’s True Desire for Your Heart. He is a certified celebrant, licensed funeral director and volunteers in his community, serving on many non-profit boards to help them to reach their level of excellence in their organizations.

He and his beautiful wife, Michelle, reside in Austin, TX with her two daughters. He considers it a privilege to be a husband and a dad again and thoroughly enjoys everyday with his family. His elder daughter resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following her own Lord’s work through employment at a local church. One thing is for sure, after a lifetime of lessons, Dr. Hull now spends plenty of time with his family. They enjoy skiing, traveling, relaxing on the beach, and doing as many things as possible as a family.