About Dr. Kevin Hull

Dr. Kevin Hull preached his first message when he was just 9 years old. With a career in ministry spanning more than 25 years, he has served in a multitude of positions from Associate to Senior Pastor. Even launching his own, Covenant Life Church where he pastored for over ten years prior to starting work with a national evangelist. He has overseen the work of 3 different church plants through his full-time ministry career. He took a departure from ministry during a transitional time in his professional and family life which led him to working for a national funeral home corporation assisting in the oversight of 10+ funeral home locations.  It was during this time, that Dr. Hull reflects on how God did a transformational work in his life to prepare him for what he is doing today!

Through God’s perfect timing and plan, Dr. Hull moved back into ministry full time in 2018.  His passion for ministering in churches and coaching has been a life long dream of his since he first started in ministry. 

In 2020, Dr. Hull put together his life’s work into a coaching program that helps those struggling to be all that God has called them to be.  He said recently of this newest ministry, “God simply has more for us as a body and it’s part of my calling to help mentor and grow past the failures of the past into the success of the future.  This 12-week coaching program  does just that as it  helps and overcome!”

As his ministry and God’s calling has grown, he has continued to see ‘The 60 Second Devotional” impact families across the nation reaching households and inboxes in the hundreds of thousands.  His newest multi-media launch, “Healing for Your Life – Podcast” is growing on a consistent basis.  He loves the aspect of going deeper into the Word as he dives into the deeper impacts of how to be transformed by the precious Word of God.  Listen today wherever you get your Podcasts, on Apple or Spotify!  

This year, he is excited to launch the next phase of ministry in media, “Healing for Your Life ”. This 30 minute television program is aired through multiple outlets.  Check the Broadcast Listing page for a city near you.  If you haven’t see the latest weekly edition, click OnDemand to watch now.   

Dr. Hull earned two Doctorate degrees in Theology and Counseling from Life Christian University. He’s written two books, Married for Life: Overcoming the Trials and Tribulations That a Lifetime Can Bring Together and Gaining Deeper Levels of the Anointing: God’s True Desire for Your Heart.

He is married to his wife, Michelle where they reside near Austin, Texas with her two daughters.  His other daughter and her husband reside in Oklahoma where they both are serving in full-time ministry.