Dr. Kevin Hull

Imparting wisdom from the Pulpit while equipping His people for Kingdom work!

For Pastors

Two of my passions are mentoring the five-fold ministers and preaching and teaching in the local church, across the nation, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in ways only He can.

As my ministry and God’s calling have grown, I have dedicated myself to working with other pastors, preaching the Lord’s Word, and helping other men and women in ministry learn to lead their congregations in a way that balances their family and home life.



Through God’s perfect timing and plan, I have been working as the Director of Ministries and Philanthropy for Altrua Ministries, a non-profit organization that functions as part of Altrua Healthshare, since 2018.
As part of my position with Altrua Ministries, I serve as the pastor to the Membership of Altrua HealthShare, oversee charitable donations, and produce weekly devotional videos to help spread the Good Word to over 144,000 every week.